Tiger, the bengal cartoon kitten from the animated series Pet Hotel


Tiger is an American kitten on vacation at the pet Hotel.

He’s an explorer who loves to learn new things.

He thinks he knows everything because he’s traveled and the others may find him a little annoying.

He has a good heart and always wants to help, but often ends up putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Minette, the pink cartoon kitten from the animated series Pet Hotel


Minette is our heroin, the leading lady of the pack.

She’s a French kitten, always in a good mood, who always wants to try new things and finds everything amusing.

She’s an excellent singer and will burst into song any time.

She is very wise for her years, top of her class, everyone’s favorite.

Cici, the Russian blue cartoon kitten from the animated series Pet Hotel


Cici is a sophisticated French gourmet, a permanent resident of the Pet hotel.

She loves to eat and needs to try every

kind of food she can find like tomatoes, olives, keys, cables, pens…

She is very keen on humans and needs long and frequent petting sessions.

She is a little moody depending on the


Animated series : Coming soon

The Library at Chateau Chaton, the Pet Hotel. The animated characters Minette, Tiger and Cici are present.